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Open-house event on the 28th of May

trodcAlways on whit monday, always during the Printemps Bio and the  Pique Nique chez le Vigneron season, it's our yearly appointment to let you meet our partner, local producer and to let you discover our wines and perhaps other way of life. In 2012, the theme was the bartel. The programme in details is below and you can also register yourself from now for 2013,  the photos of the day are here. 

Programme 2012:

Workshops at 10:30 am, only on request :
they are free! But exchange a poetry, a saussage, a self-made jam, a kiss, flowers, a book with the animator will make your day... 
- recipes ideas to cook wild grass picked on the cellar and transformed by Clarisse Zenner, more about  Cie des Oiseaux Rares
-  the 'initiation to painting class with Christian*,painting teatcher, painter,

he will take you from mounts to vineyards
- a poetic and wine stroll around the Sommerberg with St Phonie , our colourfull holy protector!
An apéritif will be offered at the end of these workshops, but there are not so much places, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

At twelve: lunch time :  barbecue plate to book from now. Soup with wild grass, salads with cereals and fresh vegetables, organic meat from the ferme du Busset, drinks included. Also vegetarian plate. Please, book it now:15€/pers. Desserts and warm drinks by the 7th class of the school l'école Mathias Grunewald de Logelbach(Steiner pedagaogy). No barter possible

The whole in music : the famous  Chum's offer you irish and other songs

Workshops in the afternnoon, at 2:30pm we exchange again a kiss, flowers, books, invitation ... against:
- the knowledge of the wines and the vine with our holy protector St Phonie 
- an initiation to the painting with walnut stain with  Christian painter
- wellness and qi gong with Dominique Collardey
- massage shiatsu with Nicole Bezu next to the natural pond...

Exchange of culinary preparations at 4pm (déposit at latest at 3pm) : a real  troc food organised by le Schnackala, convivium Slow Food from the Haut Rhin. It's simple: you cook with love 2 or 3 preparations, put label on it with your name and the name of the recipe. Everything is organic and local of course.You let your chutney, self-made jam, cakes, sirups, etc... (please no products to put in the fridge) at 3pm and you are ready... at 4pm, the barter starts, that goes very fast, and you leave with magnificient unknown flavours, can exchange your recipes, and will make delicious meeting...
In order to prepare this barter, please register you before the 24th of May.  Infos on the last  Troc Food from March 2012.

Concert – open-air dance at 5:30pm with les Chums and the day ends slowly...


- musical interlude by the pupils of the 7th class of the school  Mathias Grunewald, 
- the huge games from the ass
ociation Jeux KDO de Kaysersberg, 
- the visit of the wine-estate and wine-tasting at set-times, 
- exchange with local initiatives  (SEL, Manger Fermier, Paniers de légumes)

Still not convinced ? Look at the  photos from the vintage 2011, notice the date, book your meal and workshops perThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., tél 0389809429

rendez-vous at Katzenthal ; 105 rue des trois epis on the 28th of May 2012

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