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The valley around St Nicolas

   It is Gérard Leser who joined us December 7, 2007 to recite the legends of Alsace relating to St Nicolas....From the 1st Sunday of Advent to the 6th of January the stories continued. 35 people came to join us bringing nuts, apples, and logs for the chimney.  Cakes,hot chocolate, and much more...We learned the secret of the roses of Jericho, the anastatica hierochuntia and the seleginelle lepidophylla (we can explain all about it if you come visit...), the trials and tribulations of St Nicolas and all the secrets that the animals talk about on Christmas Eve. There's a small story about a rooster, a cow, and a goat...

                                                   For those of you who know a bit of Alsacian....to find out more about Gérard go to Amazon, there are also some nice ideas for gifts!!!

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