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29 avril 2009, it is springtime and everything awakes  ! this special and rare vineyards tulips bring a lot of sunshine actually. It is a period of soil work and for the biodynamic preparation called 500. Yesterday was perfect because the rain of the night opened the soils after 10 days of very hot and dry weather. At 6 pm everything was ready except this home made engin used to spray the preparation on the vineyards soils, Clément had to repare quick before spreeding out until the night. During the day we prepared the embotteling of next week and had to clean the tuns. As pinot gris Klur and riesling grand cru Wineck Schlossberg are still in fermentation, the wines for the Voyou de Katz and Gentil de Katz 2008 are ready. Today 2 delegations of the national organisation Vignerons Independants visited us. 50 wine growers from other regions in France interested by organic growing, architecture, and wine tourism. This is  the wine growers life...always jumping from one work to the other !

 tulipe.jpeg  preparat1.jpg  soudure2.jpg
 balai.jpg  tonneau.jpg  synvira.jpg

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