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Open doors 2014: "let's be freaky" about organic!

Our yearly meeting will take place this year on Monday, June, 9th.
The subject have been choosen last year from the participants themselves and only those ones will be admitted which will have a "fancy cover head" reveling their "freakiness".
Let's all be "freaky about organic".

Here you will find some impressions of the last year photo 2013
Detailed schedule:

Schedule 2014:

ilona 10h00- Babel cellar: searching for your inner clown.  Ilona Chaudon from "l'association Tapartd'Art" will animate a workshop for kids and adults but mainly for adults. Max. 20 ppl./pls subscribe/no fees
10h00  At the darkness, discovering wine universe with bended eyes; we will introduce our latest wine tasting class. max. 15 ppl/pls subscribe/no fees

schnackala11h00 - apéro Slow organized by Schnackala a Slowfood group of "Haut Rhin". The tasting will be commented by our winegrowers (Jean Pierre Serguier & Clément Klur): the great white wines from Rhone and Alsatia.
Some appetizers will be served...
  jps   clement

Starting from 11h30 - Organic brunch, on reservation:

it will consist of: a glass of crémant nature from Clément, herbes soup, house made bread, plate of vegetables, sauces, cheese and sausages, different condiments, a glass of grape juice, 2 pieces of sweet pastry, one hot drink, 17€/person.
And you can ad sausiges and wine...fireplace will be on for BBQ.

575672 515285871857916 192809275 n  sucré  Portes ouvertes KLUR 20

Around12h30 as we all will be freaky... a giant noodle, for sure organic, will be prepared on place around 12h30 and transported from one side of the estate to the other, before to end up in a huge pot... it will be served with herbs from the garden. To sell until is empty. No reservation required.

During afternoon:
- games of the association JeuKdo, team games
- sweet french pastry and hot drinks,
- free discovering of the estate,
- ecologic sensibilisation parcours with qr codes,
- wine tastings in the cellar,
- sale of organic farm products,
- sale of wine Vignoble Klur and Chateau Simian
- presentation of local associations

L'atelier Pictural and l'Atelier Baz'art will present you a portrait solo or with family like it's supposed to be that day:
Discover as well our new place of conviviality: le KAT'Z - wine & food pairing:
solo, duo, trio, herbs syrup, chutneys, smoothies created by Clarisse Zenner.
"Cat" meets "rares birds". It well be the relaxing area that day.PT solo
15 to 16h00 Foots are having ears, Marie Barthelemy is offering reflexology in a green environment. Association Tapartd'Art. Inscriptions on place

16h00 Biodynamic for Dummies in our round cellar, here you will find answers at your questions.
Three "grands crus"  will be presented. Presentation of "Parenthèses Vigneronnes" from Kaysersberg and electric bikes "Movélo".

18h00 : Babel's cellar.  Ilona Chaudon and her team will present you the freaky show born that day. Presentation and free donation of Tapartd'Art

...and the weather will be great!

Reservations This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0389809429:
- clown workshop
- tasting in the darkness
- biodynamic brunch
Place your order now and pick up on Monday :
- our wines vins d'Alsace of Clément Klur (discount of 3€ / online prices)
- wines of Rhone & Chateauneuf de Chateau Simian
- herbes plantes des Oiseaux Rares
as well sale and tasting on-site!

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