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All fresh news from vines, cellars ! also general informations about organic and biodynamic farming and your questions are welcome. More about wine tasting notes here.

The 2014 vintage definitively in the cellar

pt 39We finished harvest october 1st. One month of sunny weather and intens sort out of the grappes to keep the best for this difficult vintage. The last evening was more relaxing, full of music, new wine, korean and norvegian specialities also some marc de gewurztraminer for the end. Fermentations started well and you may hear the first sounds from the wine cellar. Thanks to the team, all pictures here

Vintage 2014, so much surprises

We had a so warm and dry sprintime that flowering came 3 weeks in advance. July was hot, August very fresh and weat. Maturity took more time than expected. Now riesling, muscat, sylvaner are very beautifull but a sort of drosophil fly brings pinot noir and red muscat to rot. Patience and sort out are the only way to save quality and a large plate of Choucroute for lunch is good for morale

1 2014 pt  2014  pt2  2014 3pt

Alsace women by Michele Diringer

micheSo coloured and happy ! all the paintings show mostly women viewed from the front or the back, with bare backs, dressed with robes or trousers, sometimes a man... you will enjoy them stayed with us this year. We bought some for flat KAMERLA and you may do the same, choose your size and colours by contacting MICHE alias Michèle DIRINGER - tél.0389485430

How are the vineyards doing?

Three weeks ahead this month may 2014 due to the warm spring time. The vegetation cover is well miscellaneous and is attracting many insects. The buds are in place and opening soon. The vegetation is in general at the stade of the third open leave and our landscape is overall light green.

fleurs vignes PT PT paysage pinot noir PT inflorescence

First embotteling : Gentil de Katz

No Gentil left so we had to embottle earlier as usual. About 8000 Gentil de Katz 2013 get from the tun to the bottle within a few hours. It was a fruit day.
pt inox   pt mise cave pt mise 3

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