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A few days a year it is cultural time in the cellar ! wines like music, poetry, people come together... become a fan and we will send you all invitations

Open door for christmas time

Open wine cellar this sunday december 9th 2013. Time to find some authentic gifts from nearby farmers and producers. Also wine tasting highlights (party wines, white wine and cheese pairing, vintage 2012 tasting from the tuns). For lunch herb soup, cheese plate and bread brought some help for the AKA projects in Senegal.  Detailed programm and link in read more. On friday for the traditionnal story evening before christmas we welcomed Michel Guillou and Nasredine. Some snow falled on the christmas decorations the night before...

jardin nasredine_1 mguillou
cla gilb degust_pots

Le déroulement de la journée:

Histoires orientales pour ouvrir les coeurs avant Noel...

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Just to laugh at it

It was a nice and friendly atmosphere yesterday night. The medialibrary of the valley of Kaysersberg has invited the storytellers Frédéric Duvaud et Annukka Nyyssönen; within the programm of this autumn "Histoires d'en rire". We could listen to these stories all the night along...well-furnished, tender, delicious, moreover, wines also showed themselves by approbing with many "bloup ». Self-made cakes by the medialibrary and  Gentil de Katz offered by the Klur winestate followed this event in the cheerfulness. Path of lights toward the cellar, an enthousiastic public, comedians in a great form and sometimes particular atmospheres with a state-of-the-art lighting  !

contes_lumieres contes_2 aaaaa contes2012

Open-house event on the 28th of May

trodcAlways on whit monday, always during the Printemps Bio and the  Pique Nique chez le Vigneron season, it's our yearly appointment to let you meet our partner, local producer and to let you discover our wines and perhaps other way of life. In 2012, the theme was the bartel. The programme in details is below and you can also register yourself from now for 2013,  the photos of the day are here. 

Programme 2012:

Workshops at 10:30 am, only on request :
they are free! But exchange a poetry, a saussage, a self-made jam, a kiss, flowers, a book with the animator will make your day... 
- recipes ideas to cook wild grass picked on the cellar and transformed by Clarisse Zenner, more about  Cie des Oiseaux Rares
-  the 'initiation to painting class with Christian*,painting teatcher, painter,

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Gourmet stops in Alsace


Some nice adresses on the alsatian wine route to experiment gourmet stops for food and wine selected by the magazine La Vie Pratique. Vignoble Klur is one of the stops specialy recommanded for the warmness and naturel welcome.


Christmas Wine cellars in Alsace: try this exhibition

Since this saturday morning our wine cellar get its christmas clothes...2 artists from the Atelier Baz'art and their teacher Marie Pierre Strack came with a lot of original lights and now it is a magic world down there. All recycling Art and we sell it for the Foyer Espoir in Colmar who helps people with social difficulties to get better lives. Open monday to saturday 1.30 to 6 pm.

 noelespoir.jpg  noelcave.jpg  noelfils.jpg  

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