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A few days a year it is cultural time in the cellar ! wines like music, poetry, people come together... become a fan and we will send you all invitations

Tales and wine

"When good wine and the stories about wine by Jean Claude Pirotte are mixed together, you know there have to have been highlights. That's exactly what took place Friday, May 23rd at Francine and Clément Klur's vineyard in Katzenthal. Readings and tastings proposed by Yves Lenoir and Patrice Verdeil based on the stories of JC Pirotte. With a vagabond humor characterised by a confident tone and anecdotes, they shared their passion for mystérious blends. Senses capable of exciting the tasters. 10 short proses accompagnied charming, cultivated, and poetic conversation. On the piano, Antoine Pollac, distilled perfectly delicious music to accopmany the texts.




 honored by certain rituals adpoted by the supporting public, it's an extraordinary garden..., no I don't remeber the name of the lost ball...., if I die I want to buried in a cellar with goood wine....So many songs for the cellars of wine or Beaujolais or Chambertin. Elixirs of youth were distributed to 80 lucky people from all over France who crowded the cellar. For the introduction, Jacqueline de Pauw, the director of the media archives of Kaysersberg and the association "par monts et par mots" presented the evening of poetry of the "Atelier du Rhin" that Clément Klur, a good-humored wine-grower, entitled under the themes "Gentil" (kind) et du "Voyou" (thug). Six grape types of alsace were served to winelovers throughout the night in the garden under a mild summer night. " original article in French from "Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace mai 2008."

Montreal Wine Event

montreal_pt.jpgShort stay in Montreal, an invitation from our Québec agent Importations Syl-vins. We met a lot of nice people, spoke about our wine estate and discovered marvelous wines from all over the world and famous canadian restaurants. After a few days we needed a walk to the "mountain of Montreal", Mont Royal, the downtown and St Laurents view was perfect on this day. For your next trip please don't forgett these places: les 3 petits bouchons, wine bar on Plateau area, the french restaurant La Montee 1424 rue Bishop, the buiseness meeting point la Rapière Sunlife building, Chez L'épicier in the old part of Montreal, take a trip out of town to La Cava in Terrebonne (30mn to drive north) and L'incrédule at Longueuil run by Josée Latendresse and her daugthers. Do something for blind people and book a meal atO'Noir restaurant on St Catherine. Give us your comments about this...

Evening tales about Christmas and wine

 Every one brought his rough-hew for fire, some chesnuts and apples...we prepared organic bread and Gentil de Katz. Guests came from Colmar, Kaysersberg, Strasbourg, Nancy and Marie Barthelemy, the narrator, told us stories about life and mysteries. The evening ended with dancing fires in the court. Magic evening at Klur this 5 december 2008

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