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Travel to Alsace without car

covoiturageAn ecological way to travel: come to Alsace by train and use the train, bus or car pooling possibilities here. Perhaps you will need to speak a little french for this and use these links  par train for the trains,  ou bus for the bus. Specialy in the Kaysersberg Valley you may try the local car pooling system and meet some local people. Contact . The name for local transportation is  transports collectifs de la région. You may also use it during your february stay and ski at the Lac Blanc station du Lac Blanc

Alsace and Klur recommended by Lonely planet

 lonely_planetLonely Planet Guide and magazine recommand to  stop at Vignoble Klur: a 100% organic stop and a real Hot Spot of the region. "This charming place will agree to nature lovers, every thing here is organic and perfect for cooconing and pamper yourself. Klur family will welcome you with warmness and help you to discover Alsace wines and gastronomy. Try a wine tour or workshop and if you tasted to much, a sauna with wellness massage may be organised for you. Alsace is one of the 18 top destinations of France, don't miss it as you dont want to miss Tour Eiffel, Mont St Michel of Pont du Gard.  (...)"


A romantic wood-cottage in Sewen

balcon.jpgNext to the lake of Sewen, in a quiet, idyllic and very neaty place, go to this  Chalet-du-lac, where the Rioual family will pamper yourself. It is a  Gîte Panda (WWFmark) , it's in the south of Alsace, in the valley of Masevaux. At the foot of the Ballon d'Alsace, in an unique and natural protected place, the owners propose you also guest rooms at the la Villa du Lac. And they also adhere to  Gîtes Panda net from the Parc Naturel des Ballons des Vosges. Don't hesitate, we recommend it to you !

A different Alsace

Look at this homepage  www.energie-bio-nature.net and stay informed about the natural habitat, alternatives energy, ecology, excursions, and more.  There are some good jokes about composting toilets!!

2011 grappe picking coming soon

Another very early vintage: after 2003 we will again start harvest end of august. After a very hot and dry spring, the vine flowering started end of may and after vinestocks need 100 days to fullfill their work... at the moment the weather is still dry even if we had some rain yesterday, the grappes are beautifull and will start to become some colour now. Clément is very happy about the soil and grass work, and we will need to share the young vinestocks during the next days and after wait for maturation...If you are interested by joining us for harvest you are welcome, let us know soon...

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