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Organic and biodynamic farming is not only about vines and wines. Discovering a more global way to do it is the deal of our workshops, tastings and wine adventure offers, have a look at the reports and book one yourselves

France's wineries to discover on foot or bicycle

The German magazine Verträglich Reisen (sustainable travel) recomeands to browse the waneries of France on foot or by bicycle. It encourages to stay a few days in Katzenthal, "where the family immerses visitors into the life of the wine-estate, the harvest and tastings. Labeled by the Blue Swallows, those accommodations are ecological from the hot water to the baskets of farm products that you can order on site. Real organic holiday"




Exactly what we wanted


I came across Vignoble Klur when I was searching for a family holiday location in The Alsace region in France. I was immediately drawn to Vignoble Klur and it’s non touristy location in the tiny village of Katzenthal but what really appealed to me was their organic and biodynamic approach to their wine, farm and accommodations, it was  exactly what we were looking for".

New places for reception at Vignoble Klur

The Vignoble Klur aquires new places for reception: a real reception where you can taste 2 to 3 wines before your shopping, exchnge news around the table at the bistrot, and of course there is the bistrot The Katz in the afternoon from april to october or on booking. The Workshop place with its long table and its big screen for wine initiations, the reception space and of course the cellar...enough to accommodate several groups at the same time and for everyone's own pleasure, the courtyard does the junction and for the genarl atmosphere see the video here

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Book your food and wine pairing at The KATZ

IMG 3639You might be two, three or seven, there is alwways a place at the Kat'Z our afternoon bistrot, inside or outside on the terrace, we impatiently wait for the planchette and we definitely enjoy it! the photos of the season here

Wine adventures 2014

Wine workshops about wine and health with our humorous St Morand, or vineyardwalk with St Urban and funny stories, or farmer buffet with St Martin, they all had success this year and we would enjoy to welcome you. Our daughter Elisa Klur presents some homemade vidéos about these workshops

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