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Help us to promote and defend organic and biodynamic agriculture, but not only wine. Seeds, earth, plants, climate, there are a lot of battle fields  ...

International women meeting about biodynamics

It was in Alsace this time and a big success for the organisation ladies and the guests..
congrès des femmes






Water memory

Report about recent researches . Pr Luc Montagnier after Jacques Benvéniste helps to understand biodynamie in a scientific way .

Alsace's organic pioneers

A film for each portrait of alternative agriculture precusor in Alsace. To see and support absolutely

Vin Bio Infonet Edition Utovie

"Et pourquoi pas des vins surnaturels, tant qu’on y est ? La manie, bien de chez nous, de sécessionner à qui mieux mieux dès que deux avis divergent ou dès qu’on veut créer sa chapelle ou sa boutique, se traduit aussi en matière de vins…Nous subissons, avec plus ou moins d’agacement, depuis plus de vingt ans ce réflexe qui conduit à dénigrer le vin bio et à, bien sûr, toujours, avoir tellement mieux à proposer…On a connu les vins biodynamiques non certifiés, sinon cosmiques à défaut d’être comiques…Les vins authentiques, souvent toc. Les vins vivants… assez mortels Les vins vrais… assez faux-culs…Dernier avatar du genre, voici maintenant les vins “naturels”… Jean Marc Carité nous réjouit avec sa verve habituelle et si vous voulez connaître la suite vous pouvez This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., le 1er numéro vient d'être diffusé par email.
"And why not surnatural wines ? "  Jean Marc Carité enjoys us with his brillant sentences and you can read the rest by suscribing to his newsletter.

Citizens! To your seeds!

Despite Europen directives, the opinion of the UN, the senat, scientists, agronomersaffirm the urgency to preserve the biodiversity of plants destined toward food, the association Kokopelli that claims the right to commercialize old seeds has been accused of illegal and dangerous sales of seeds. However, for 15 years the association proposes gardeners and farmers an alternative. In today's consumer society the biggest culpability for conventional seeds is to be successful in reproduction and adaptable to a number of conditions without agro-chemicals. It seems this is the fault of KOKOPELLI …At the hour when we are being made to believe that manufactured, genetically modified, chemical, fossil fuel, based production is the only possibility to assure the food supply, propogating autonomous seed distribution is reprehensible and dangerous..... Today, the potential loss of KOKOPELLI is a step toward genetic uniformity and the intensification of agricultural production. The disappearence of  rich and « real » biodiversity based on genetic variability of a multitude of local varieties can never be replaced by a limited number of cloned species. Please support biodiversity by purchasing   Kokopelli !!!

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