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Eating organic reduces child's exposure to pesticides

pesticides.jpgAccording to the American Department of Agriculture, organophosphoric pesticides are suspected of inducing neurological side-effects in humans and are present in many alimentary products.  Children were submitted to three successive diets : conventional, organic, conventional.  The organic phase was accompanied by a reduced concentration of metabolites, malathion, and chloropyrifos in their urines.  Returning to a conventinal diet increased these concentrations.  This shows that the principle source of exposure of children to these pollutant is their food.

Visit www.france-science.org 


It urges the need for policies and a European legislative framework which give people real diversity of choice when making decisions that affect quality of life and cultural diversity. The ELIANT campaign will pursue this goal until it is achieved and is very glad to collaborate closely with other organisations and institutions with similar aims. Every signature represents a gain for this campaign. The Alliance describes and publicises its aims and mode of work in a Charter. Please support the Charter’s aims with your signature

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