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We would like to share some solidarity actions and networks with you

Local seeds libraries

The local groups of the movement Transition.org l'association PasàPas based in the Vallée de Kaysersberg created seed boxes for each village. Every body brings some seeds and take some others... easy ! At Katzenthal you will find it at the backery. .

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Playing for change

A short break looking at this

Liberty of expression

Alsatian artists sing "Die Gedanken sind frei". The collective "Remember Charlie" formed with 150 artists and technicians have realised a video clip. The song performed in french, english, italien, portuguese, yiddish, turkish and arabic is originally a german song, «Die Gedanken sind frei», symbol of resistance to opression and terror

Another school

Mame Birame Sène took photos from the Ndieng Diaw school site, the 10th that we put up. The working is nearly done and, the water supply for the Santhie Mour school payed by Ramus Society will be done soon. Well done to AKA!
aaaaaaa Vue densemble façade pricipale  côté Ouest

Only beautiful

Take a little moment to look at this.... best wishes for 2012

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