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We would like to share some solidarity actions and networks with you

SENEGAL when you help...

Created in 1997, the AKA, Association Kébémer Amitiés, is based in Alsace, and since 2 years ago in Sweden as well.  Please take the time to browse the website AKA SVERIGE.

New building site at Kébémer

Hello, there a long time ago that we've started the works and I haven't informed you about it. it's only because I didn't have so much time but you must know that it goes on. The repairs and the plumbing are done for the 2 schools of Gad and Mbaye Fatma Kébé. The doors are also finished. Next week, the joiner will start the cases. And about the Kir Diom works, the wall is quite closed(80%) (the pictures were taken since the 24 of march). Kind regards. See you soon. Thanks a lot.Mame Birame SENE"
"Bonjour, cela fait un bon bout de temps qu'on a démarré les travaux et que je ne vous ai pas informé. C'est seulement dû au manque de temps mais sachez que ça avance. Pour les réparations, la plomberie est exécutée à 100% pour les 2 écoles de Gad et de Mbaye Fatma Kébé. Les portes sont aussi terminées. Pour les cases, le menuisier va les commencer la semaine prochaine. Pour les travaux de Kir Diom, le mur est présentement fermé à 80% (les photos sont prises depuis le 24 Mars). Bien des chose à vous, à vos familles et à tous les membres de l'AKA. Bonne réception et à très bientôt. Merci. Mame Birame SENE"
 fondation_kir_diom_ct_ouest.jpg  elvation_kir_ct_est_presque_termin.jpg

School building goes on...

Construction has just started at the site of the Elementary School II de Kébémer in Senegal. The organizer, Mame Birame, has just sent these photos from the last meetings where 35 tons of cement were delivered. More to come...

Dieri dief.


Kir Diom and Ndiaby Fall schools


Two new equipped schools at Kébémer, Kir Diom and Ndiaby Fall, and also a new project at Lompol for 2012 an the AKA association will give you all the information from day to day (or almost...) on their new website .
Next stage: Lompol in cha Allah and allhamdoulilah !

wine for a school in Senegal

In Katzenthal in 1997 there was almost a complete solar eclipse, during which we exposed some of our bottles of pinot noir on the roof of the cellar, for which the children of the school of KEBEMER designed great labels, all of the sales of this wine go to the profit of the school. Plus it's a cosmic wine, so make a charitable act !!! We still have some left. Contat us this is the best gift idea for christmas!

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