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We would like to share some solidarity actions and networks with you

Solidarity at the Organic fair at Colmar

IMG_7730et Harmonie of Colmar are in action for a new library "in the corner of the world" on the initiative of Song Arun: "L'intention est le noyau de toute vie consciente. Ce sont nos intentions qui créent le karma, ce sont elles qui aident les autres, qui nous conduisent hors des illusions de l'individualité et vers les vérités immuables de la conscience éveillée. L'intention consciente colore et met en mouvement toute chose". This year forDapelogo au Burkina Faso

Women and Alsace wine

DiVINesdAlsaceThe network les Divines d'Alsace is a brand new women group for the promotion of one of the things we like the most : Alsace wines.  Become a friend on facebook, follow our activities and help us to make the wines from our Region as wellknown as possible

Ngari institute at Ladakh

p1060779.jpgDuring the organic fair in Colmar (foire Eco Bio), and  at many other times, the members of Arts et Harmonie (we belong to this association) have rolled and rolled and rolled a hundred and a hundred of spring roll which were sold in aid of Ngari institute at Ladakh to build a library. It will start on spring 2011.
" Quel bel accomplissement, grâce à nos actions, les moines et les habitants du Ladakh pourront  utiliser la bibliothèque comme un lieu de ressourcement pour leur études et leur pratiques spirituelles. Partager et Donner sont des grands sentiments du Bonheur  "  écrit Song Arun iniciateurs du projet et la réponse du président de l'institut a suivi: Dear Arun Song & all the members, I, on behalf of all the member of Ngari Institute would like to thank you so much for your contribution toward the Library Project of Ngari Institute. I assure you that I will send you details & Picture in each month about the project of Library which we are going start in end of March or began of April.

Who is where ?

jo.jpgYes you recognize Mister President of ALSACE KEBEMER AMITIES association !! As last year and the year before we harvested for the schools in Senegal, this time "big brother is watching us" but he alsobrought some fresh news from Kebemer: the 7 th building site at Toby Diop school started recently. The association earnt 24000 euro with actions at flowmarkets, private initiatives like this one and help of Conseil Général du Haut Rhin and député JL Christ. The director of the school engaged himself, the children, the parents, and the comité of environnement to maintain the building in good condition in the future. The swedish part of the association AKA Sverige will pay the building of the toilets and the compagny working on the site will change the door of the former building site (GadMbrama school)because they have been eaten by the termites. More on AKA website

SOS Culture, a new online library

 what a good name for this very young online library created by a little group of people who choosed to live and work high in the Vosges Mountains and who think that only culture will give us enough open minds and hearts to change the world. Here you will find all the alternativ books in french you only dreamed about....organic building, education, organic agriculture, energies etc....have a look and buy soon because this project needs to live a long long time....

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